Monday, 24 June 2013

Monday, June 24, 2013
Hello Friends,  
       Today we are going to Root Qmobile A20 and Install TWRP Recovery in it.

Disclaimer: I will not be responsible if you misunderstood the procedure and bricked your phone.

First Of All,
  1. Download these PDANet drivers and install the drivers.
  2. PDANet Drivers Here
  3. Connect your device to PC and open above given drivers.

4: Now Download Noir A20 Rooter from given Link
Noir A20 Root : Here

Voila! Your A20 is now rooted.

Now to Install TWRP Recovery,
1: Download this file and Copy it to the Root directory of your sd-card.
TWRP Recovery : Here
2: Install MobileUncle MTK Tools from Play Store or Download it from Here

(Remeber to Grant Root Access)

3: Now Click on Recovery Update.

4: Now Click  "Recovery.img" on the very top of screen.
5: Now click on OK

If installing Recovery.img doesn't work on First Time, no problem, after reboot install it again through same procedure.


  1. Do you own G9? I have got many methods. Would you kindly like to volunteer and root you G9....

  2. can i root my a600 with this method..???

  3. I am done with rooting mine, used the MTK 6859 method, also installed TWRP recovery. Do you know the buttons we need to press at start uo to enter into recovery?

  4. Try Power Button + Volume UP to get into recovery..

  5. adb server out of date how to fix it

  6. Recovery does nt work!!